‘Working with Nicola has changed my life.

I have gone from a life-time of low confidence and internalising everything to feeling as though I can conquer the world. Amazing.’
— Peter (TV Director), London - coaching client
‘Thank you Nicola for your knowledge, insight, and skill to help me unpick seemingly complicated career decisions. This gave me a roadmap, tangible chunks, and generally a way ahead with positivity and ‘lifted the fog’. As a senior leader this was invaluable time and reflection which Nicola delivered with compassion and skill. Thank you!’
— Aimee Robson (Senior NHS Manager) - coaching client
‘Working with Nicola is truly transformative. I had been struggling with work-life balance in a demanding job, feeling burned out and frustrated. Nicola has quickly established balance, control and clarity back into my life and I am amazed by how she tackles a huge variety of my questions and concerns.

With Nicola’s expert help, I have tackled lack of clarity on how to achieve a major transition in my career, counteract burnout, find time to reintroduce the things that really matter to me into my daily life and better deal with chronic pain.’

— Martina (IT Design VP), London - coaching client

‘Incredibly insightful sessions, thank you. It has been great to slow down the thought process and to actually consider your actions & spoken words.’
— Sam Hart (Roundhouse Design), London - workshop series attendee
‘Revolutionary, with lots of tips & ideas to easily apply. Powerful, yet achievable concepts. Thank you’
— Royal Mail employee - workshop attendee
‘I wish the session had been longer.

Today’s teaching went well beyond my expectations’.
— Lunch & Learn attendee
‘Many of these concepts were new to me but were so clearly explained and demonstrated that I grasped them immediately. Thank you!’
— Corporate workshop attendee
‘Nicola had been recommended to me through a work colleague. I had found that I had tied myself up in a knot over work and workloads which was impacting on my home and family life. Having met up with Nicola on several sessions, she carefully and respectfully picked apart the challenges that were confronting me.

It has literally been a win win experience where both work and home have benefitted tremendously. I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would not hesitate to recommend Nicola to anyone.’
— Tom Ricketts (Roundhouse Design), London - coaching client
‘Working with Nicola is definitely among the best investments I have ever made in my business and my personal life. I have made a number of positive changes, all to focus on what is important. I am now more productive and more content.’
— Michael (FinTech Director), London - coaching client
‘I highly rate Nicola’s skills and feel refreshed and refocussed by our time working together. She is organised, perceptive and challenging.

I felt Nicola struck the right balance between providing practical techniques to help me to work efficiently on a daily basis while asking challenging questions to help me plan and achieve my longer term personal goals.’
— Tom (Journalist), London - coaching client

‘I was very impressed with Nicola’s coaching and her down-to-earth yet soothing way of helping me come to grips with some difficult issues.

She nevertheless managed to help me through them and I made progress that I never expected to make. I recommend Nicola wholeheartedly and would work with her again.’
— Corinne (Civil Servant), Brussels - coaching client

‘Nicola provided concise, helpful information that I can apply to work life & personal life. Thank you for the really positive sessions.’
— Jane (Roundhouse Design), workshop series attendee
‘Your passion was palpable. Thank you’
— Lunch & Learn attendee

So grateful to Nicola for helping me to create the steady, compassionate space I needed to reflect on and make changes in my life.

I’ve learnt a great deal from Nicola and about myself.
Above all, she’s empowered me to start leading my life in the way that I choose to, based on the principles and values that I’ve come to understand are most important to me.
— Eleanor (Head of Dept, national charity), London - coaching client