executive coaching

Would you like support to move forward?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed or pulled in too many directions?

  • Maybe you are seeking promotion or have a new leadership role?

  • Or would you like time to reflect and to take positive action?

I have spent more than a decade working with individuals and teams coaching them to flourish and achieve their chosen goal. Having worked extensively in the NHS and private sector I have worked with an extremely wide variety of people from entrepeneurs, department managers to those in senior leadership positions.

People, irrespective of their role, have the same issues and stumbling blocks. Executive coaching is a powerful and highly-effective tool for allowing you to achieve your goal.

The relationship with your coach is paramount, so an introductory conversation is a great way to see if you want to work with me and vice versa.

Who I work with

My clients are mid-career and are:

  • Looking at how to reach the next stage in their working lives effectively

  • Considering how to leave the legacy that they would like to

  • Wondering how to fulfil their roles at work and home, whilst having time for things that matter to them

is coaching for me?

Coaching is a conversation, or series of conversations focussed on you. The conversation is intended to probe, challenge but ultimately move you positively forward in your journey.

Unlike mentoring, coaching does not provide you with answers, but rather facilitates you to move from a position of often feeling:

overwhelmed, stuck or unsure to having clarity, flexibility with a personalised road map to follow.

The easiest analogy I can provide for a coaching relationship is that of an onion.

You start with the ‘issue’ and the coach gently, curiously and respectfully unpeels the layers.

To truly move forward in the way that is best for you, some layers will be shed and you will continue on your journey stronger, more flexible, with more intention and , crucially, enjoying yourself more.

Coaching duration

Some people benefit from immersive sessions, others from a personalised programme. Contact me and we can discuss what would work best for you, your currrent situation and your schedule.

Coaching locations

Coaching sessions take place either at your office, a neutral Central London venue or via Skype.

‘Nicola had been recommended to me through a work colleague. I had found that I had tied myself up in a knot over work and workloads which was impacting on my home and family life.

Having met up with Nicola on several sessions, she carefully and respectfully picked apart the challenges that were confronting me. Whilst identifying and focusing on my key values, Nicola helped me restructure my week to primarily focus on these values whilst subtly blending my work schedule around it.

It has literally been a win win experience where both work and home have benefitted tremendously. I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would not hesitate to recommend Nicola to anyone.’
— Tom Ricketts, Roundhouse Design

Untitled design(2).jpg

‘Working with Nicola is truly transformative. I had been struggling with work-life balance in a demanding job, feeling burned out and frustrated.

Nicola has quickly established balance, control and clarity back into my life and I am amazed by how she tackles a huge variety of my questions and concerns.

With Nicola’s expert help, I have tackled lack of clarity on how to achieve a major transition in my career, counteract burnout, find time to reintroduce the things that really matter to me into my daily life and better deal with chronic pain.’
— Martina (IT Design VP), London