Lunch & Learns

Looking for inspirational, bite-size learning for your team?

A 60-90 minute Lunch & Learn session is a great solution offering highly interactive training with individual, pair and group work.

Your team will gain valuable insights in easily scheduled chunks.

Suitable for groups of 4+

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Alternatively, contact me to discuss a tailor-made

Lunch & Learn or team-building event.


“I was part of a team who participated in a series of Lunch & Learn sessions with Nicola.

The sessions were enjoyable, engaging and dynamic, offering a new perspective on the ways in which we interact and collaborate in the workplace.

Everyone who participated in the sessions came away with tangible, relevant guidance and advice that could readily be applied within the day-to-day working environment and the topics were discussed at length in the office in the weeks following the sessions.”

Ashley Lawrence, International Communications, Royal Mail